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What our customers say


Farma Iberica

“The (HMO) partner should be available nationwide, meaning to say they can service our employees wherever they are. The quality of doctors they have contracted with, and I believe PhilCare has met that standard.”


Tower Club

“PhilCare has been providing us with those programs that really take care of our employees. I will recommend PhilCare to companies like us.”


Panasiatic Solutions

“This is the first time that an HMO provider would treat a client not only as a client but as a family.”


Panasiatic Solutions

“It allows us to highlight to our employees that the HMO provider that we have is very friendly to them. It’s very easy for them to avail the services.”

PhilCare Health

“Healthcare is one of the things that we need in this country because it affords accessibility especially for the low income bracket. This is one of the noble objectives of HMOs–in particular, PhilCare.”