When her child throws a tantrum, it’s easier for a working mom to hand them a tablet or cell phone instead of attending to them. Nowadays, kids are glued to their phones and spend a lot of time surfing the internet or playing online games. Parents are having a hard time to get their attention away from those tiny screens.

While technology can be helpful to your kids, too much usage could affect the development of your child. According to Southern Philippines Medical Center Department of Pediatrics, exposure to digital technology can cause lack of socialization, and promote aggressive behavior among children. This underscores the need for parental guidance.

Kids nowadays seldom play outside or interact with other kids. Instead, they’re inside their houses using technology for entertainment. This can affect the way they interact with each other in person, as they tend to communicate via devices rather than in-person conversation.

Children who use gadgets at night tend to sleep late since their brains are stimulated. This leads to irregular sleeping patterns, which can affect their growth.

Children’s frequent use of electronic devices and their love for junk food, contribute to obesity. Almost 15 percent of the Filipinos are already obese due to inactive lifestyle and improper diet.

These new forms of media have incredible benefits. But there are pitfalls too. As a mother, the best way to protect your child is to be informed and involved. Whatever your kids’ age are, it’s important to track their internet and social media consumption.

Kids need time to interact and build strong relationships with their parents and friends without the use of digital technology. A smartphone app might provide entertainment but it can’t replace real life interaction which a child needs to become a fully-functional grown up. Visit PhilCare for more motherly tips!


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