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About Us


The Smarter, the Better
PhilCare understands that healthcare goes a long way. We know that achieving overall wellness requires focus on many aspects of life, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we come up with health plans designed to cover the distinct health needs of Filipinos. Along with this, PhilCare is taking advantage of the rapid technological advancements to ensure the quality and ease of customer experience.

Sustainable health plans
Our health plans go beyond the usual linear approach. Because we understand that wellness encompasses many aspects, we built plans that cater to the lifestyle and needs of Filipinos.

Holistic approach to wellness through PhilCare 360
For PhilCare, there is more to health than mere response to sickness. Health is a state of wellness, the ability to produce predictable levels of productivity, especially in the case of companies, and to bring about the fullest potential in people.

PhilCare 360, PhilCare’s proprietary approach to health, offers a more holistic view to wellness with programs that are made to keep members maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage chronic illnesses. It features activities that include proper nutrition, workouts, stress management, and even smoking cessation.

PhilCare 360 serves as the company’s very pronounced differentiator against its competitors. For the first time, health care has grown from a usual company benefit to an actual enterprise solution bringing about tangible results for their corporate partners.

Technology-enabled customer experience
Because PhilCare provides more than the basic needs of healthcare, we take a step further to make wellness all the more efficient and accessible through the use of technology. This way, we make sure that everyone can keep a healthy lifestyle anytime and anywhere without the hassle.

PhilCare Snap (NFC v. 2.2) is PhilCare’s Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled membership cards. It is designed to make hospital transactions faster, more efficient, and almost paperless. With just one tap, members can instantly access the information they need to avail of medical services in hospitals, eliminating the need to fall in line and fill up forms. With this, healthcare becomes smarter and faster.

HeyPhil is PhilCare’s mobile app that functions as a cognitive voice assistant developed by PhilCare to provide members with the best assistance wherever they are, whenever they need. Hey Phil uses artificial intelligence technology to help members find doctors, clinics and hospitals. Loaded with features such as the BMI and calorie calculator, member’s information and benefits preview, and PhilCare exclusive rewards, Hey Phil is the reliable mobile wellness companion for PhilCare members.

PCare EASy (PhilCare Electronic Approval System) is a faster and more convenient way for LOA issuance via member portal. It is available for out- patient requests amounting to not more than 1000 pesos. Through PCare EASy, PhilCare members do not have to wait in long queues anymore, which means more time for things that truly matter to them.

Over the years, PhilCare believes that health is not just a quick-response to illnesses, but rather, health is a state of overall wellness.
We are committed to create products and services that empower our members to achieve an ideal state of health. Remaining true to our commitment, we go beyond simply offering the usual healthcare products. We also provide other wellness programs for our members to promote the overall wellbeing.

PhilCare makes sure that each product we offer is of quality, effective, and more importantly, accessible. This is to make sure that we can get every Filipino covered at any stage of their life, anywhere they may be.

Now, to further push the boundaries of healthcare, PhilCare is taking advantage of the technologies provided to us today and offers instant and convenient holistic healthcare solutions.